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Market Stall Manager

Location: London
Job type: Part Time
Salary: £Competitive

Breadwinners is a grassroots charity and a not for profit social enterprise supporting refugees.
Set up in 2016, they invest funding to set up markets stalls which sustain themselves from bread sales, providing the first work opportunities for refugees in the UK and supporting their career progression.


Why become a Breadwinner?

  • Gain practical UK work experience and training in Customer Services, Finance, Food Hygiene, Supply and Demand planning, and how to run a small business in UK
  • Practice and improve your English
  • Gain support from a Mentor with years of experience in the UK
  • Gain Training on transferable skills once a month
  • Be part of a weekend community full of happy customers, traders and colleagues
  • Enhance your CV and gain further employment opportunities
  • Become self-employed with gain training and support to get you started
  • Work part-time up to maximum 16hrs/week, £8.75/hr UK Living Wage.
  • Transport and Food are covered when attending Breadwinners activities. 
  • Develop into full-time employment with other partner organisations or set up your own Breadwinners Market Stall.

Breadwinners are ideal for you if you haven’t had official work experience in the UK yet, or are struggling to find work and are eager to start working or setting up your own small or medium-sized food, catering or retail business in the UK.

For who?

  • You are above 17 years of age 
You have refugee status and the right to work in the UK, and can provide relevant 
documentation. *Please see “Risers programme” if you are an Asylum seeker and can’t work 
in the UK yet. 
You are currently supported by another Charity or Organisation with legal advice, housing and community activities (if you are not we can connect you with one) 

  • You have not had an official work in the UK yet, or you are struggling to find one. 

  • You have at least a basic level of English (B1 Level equivalent, ESOL Entry level 3, lower 
  • Can understand the main points at work, school, leisure, etc. 
Can deal with most situations whilst travelling. 

  • Can produce simple text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest. 

  • Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and 
briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans. 

  • You live within zone 6 of London 
You are able to work between 7 to 16 hours per week (in one or 2 days of work per week), 
including weekends, for a duration of minimum two months. 

  • On workdays, you are able to travel to a workplace in London via public transport, 
expenses covered. 

  • You are able to join training sessions once a month in central London 

  • You are able to have regular communication with your Breadwinners mentor and other 
members of the team 

  • You are keen to make the most out of the opportunity, and clearly demonstrate it, every 3 
months reviews. 

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