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Business Benefits of Hiring Refugess

  • Access to a more diverse talent pipeline
  • Access to skilled and qualified candidates
  • Greater cultural awareness amongst hiring managers
  • Increase employee awareness of different cultures, helping to reduce unconscious bias
  • Introduce new and valuable skills, capacities and contributions
  • Build employees skills such as communication, empathy and coaching

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We partner with companies in the UK to create employment opportunities within their organisations. Our service provides a valuable resource to organisations who not only wish to hire a diverse workforce, but are socially conscious, and wish to make a positive impact withing their communities.

We have a number of programs that have been tailored and refined with support from our partner organisations. These are:

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Empower your team

Many studies have shown that refugees have a positive impact on the economy.

Three ways your business could benefit from a diverse workforce are:

Increased Productivity
Teams that rate highly for ethnic and cultural diversity are 33% more likely to outperform competitors on profitability.
It has also been shown that diversity leads to 57% better collaboration and 19% greater retention rates.
Using data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), it’s been proven that refugees are 50% more likely to be entrepreneurs than native-born Brits.

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