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Refugees are here to stay: Get used to it

Over 100 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide. From Sudan to Ukraine, war and poverty continue to drive thousands from their homes. Climate change alone is predicted to displace 1 billion people by 2050.

But the purpose of this book is to introduce you to who refugees really are – to the human beings behind the numbers. It dispels the myths spread by mainstream media and tells true stories of love, success and triumph over adversity, as well as of war, pain and hardship.

As governments only display more cruelty towards refugees, we need more than ever to recognise them for who they are and for all the potential they offer.

The fact is that refugees are here to stay.


Book Reviews


‘A necessary and fascinating read!’
Gabby Edlin, Founder, Bloody Good Period

‘If you’ve ever wondered about refugee issues but don’t know where to start, then look no further.’
Mariam Kemple Hardy, Refugee Action

‘Seye’s stories of war, pain and hardship walk hand in hand with stories of love and compassion, allowing the reader to deepen their learning about the journeys and adversities that are navigated by displaced people around the world every day.’
Choose Love

‘As chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Migration, I found it a useful read, bringing to life the story behind the statistics and putting the global context of migration together as a coherent whole.’
David Simmonds CBE MP

‘This is a powerful book. … Seye is to be congratulated for this timely addition on this important subject – it is a tour de force.’
Jonathan Ellis, Project Director, Detention Forum

‘A very readable and wide-ranging introduction to today’s refugee crisis. … This book raises some pertinent questions and encourages much-needed individual, collective and government action to improve refugees’ lot.’
Baroness Ruth Lister of Burtersett, House of Lords

‘The most informative and educational tool currently available to support the global advocacy of refugee resettlement.’
Chris Chancey, CEO, Amplio Recruiting

‘A compassionate insight which everyone who cares should read.’
Mathew Horne, Actor and writer



‘Without preaching… Ground-breaking.’
Dr Elif Selin Calik, UN Consultant on Climate Change

‘Perfect for our times.’
Emily Edge, Migration Policy and Practice

‘Not only does the book create a vivid picture of refugees’ lived experiences, but it helps readers to think about the broader geo-political contexts, world economies and national histories that have produced and have been shaped by refugee movements.’
Professor Giorgia Dona, Centre for Migration

‘Onabolu has collected and delivered tales that move our hearts. Open this excellent book and have a chat with a very knowledgeable and compassionate author.’
Judith Shalkowski, Meeting Point

‘I love this book for its conversational approach with the reader. It hears people’s questions and arguments then responds to them with clarity, and with fine examples and arguments.’
Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham

‘Current, relevant and important. … As a war-refugee and social entrepreneur myself, I applaud this social mission and feel it’s more important than ever.’
Melody Hossaini, CEO, InspirEngage Int

‘Sometimes provocative and humorous, yet very informative, insightful and human.’
Farid Bidardel, CEO, Code Door

‘After reading this book, one is left with a very accurate picture of the reality of global migration and why we need to shift our attitude and mindset around it.’
Leticia Galdón, CEO, PAZ.AI


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