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We partner with socially conscious employers to ensure you are placed in the best role that allows you to integrate into the UK job market, and to ensure you are in the best environment to learn and to thrive.

Read below to find out how our process works and how we can support you on your employment journey.

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Can I work in the UK?

Refugees are not restricted in the type of work they are permitted to undertake in the UK. Those with limited leave to remain in the UK can apply for further leave. During this time, while an application for further leave is being considered, a refugee continues to have the same rights to employment and training as other UK citizens.
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As you are able to work in the UK once you’ve obtained UK refugee status, you can essentially work at any job you can find. However due to UK laws on recognised qualifications and other barriers, a lot of refugees struggle to find work especially if they don’t know how our system works. Sona Circle partner with employers who value diversity and skills to find the best roles for you.

You can get the same type of support from the government as British citizens. This includes money from the government called benefits. Before you get a job, this may be useful to get to interviews and more. It is important you apply for benefits as soon as possible to make sure you get the money you need and there is no gap in your income.

I'm ready to work

If you have Refugee status, and you’re ready to get started, click the link below to discover some incredible opportunities available from our partner organisations.