Bar Commis- Swan at the Globe

Location: London
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: £9.90/hr


Swan, Shakespeare’s globe: Job DESCRIPTION

Job Title: Bar COMMIS


Reporting to: Waiters/Head Waiter/Supervisors/Duty Managers/Head of Bar


Position Purpose

  • To serve guests in the Bar, offering them a diverse, friendly and memorable service.


Swan Values:

“To provide the perfect setting to bring people together and create memorable experiences.”


We work together using the core values of the Swan which are:

  • Valuing our people
  • Championing hospitality
  • Keeping standards high
  • A taste for good design
  • Being true to ourselves
  • Doing business right



  • To provide exceptional quality products at all times, upholding high service standards, product knowledge and above all, outstanding hospitality and warmth.


  • To have the support of and be genuinely supportive of all members of the Swan team.


  • To demonstrate initiative and self-discipline when on duty, using your time effectively and productively towards Swan targets.


  • To be at your work-post and in your uniform impeccably presented on time.


  • To take advantage of staff development opportunities and periodic performance reviews.

  • To perform the day-to-day operational duties and when appropriate, assist with any other duties required by the company, whether in your department/section or elsewhere.


Key responsibilities

  • To uphold exceptional service standards, hospitality and warmth.
  • To assist waiters in running their section.
  • To maintain a high level of product knowledge.
  • To welcome guests in a friendly and polite manner.
  • To observe how your colleagues handle complaints courteously and efficiently and communicating these immediately to the Manager on duty to increase your awareness of how you should react if you ever experience a situation where a guest complains to you.
  • To ensure the Floor is setup and broken down according to established standards, ensuring tables, chairs, floor and accessories are laid out according to standard.
  • To familiarise yourself with the reservations for each service and any associated special requirements.
  • To follow the order of service.
  • To observe how your colleagues take payments in the correct way to ensure there are no till or stock discrepancies as a result of your negligence, so you can learn how to take payments in the future.
  • To run food and drink to tables.
  • To top up wine / water for guests.
  • To clear tables of dirty plates when guests have finished eating.
  • To clear tables of empty glasses.
  • To communicate to waiters when you complete any action on a table.
  • To clear and relay empty tables.
  • To prepare MEP ready for service.
  • To run the food pass.
  • To prepare food made at the food pass.


Environment and Compliance:

  • To follow Health and Safety policies and procedures in every aspect, including strict personal hygiene and food handling.
  • To ensure thorough knowledge of fire and evacuation procedures.
  • To ensure correct practices are adhered to with regard to current licensing laws.
  • Ensure cleanliness is maintained to the highest standards at all times.
  • To ensure wastage is correctly reported and kept to a minimum.
  • To maintain the highest personal standards of presentation, dress and behavior.
  • To ensure the back area of the bar is kept clean and organized.


This Job Description is not intended to define a definitive list of duties and responsibilities and is subject to regular review to ensure that it accurately represents the key requirements of the role and the development of the business.


I have read, understood and accept the details of the role in this Job Description:


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