Location: London
Job Type: Part Time
Salary: N/A


Waging Peace Board Recruitment


Waging Peace is seeking 2 new Trustees to join our existing Board in leading the organisation through the challenges of an extraordinary period of change.
We are looking for candidates who can commit to an initial 3-year term, with the possibility of renewal for a second 3-year term thereafter.

About Waging Peace

Waging Peace is a small but vibrant UK charity (registered number 1124746 - that supports Sudanese asylum-seekers and refugees to build meaningful lives in the UK. We are unique in that our single country focus since we were established in 2004 has earned us particular expertise on Sudan and a trusted place within the Sudanese community. Our human rights work runs through the range of activities we coordinate in support of our mission including crisis support, information and advice, community events, women’s empowerment and support
groups, training, and advocacy. Our vision is of a Sudanese-British community leading fulfilling lives and contributing to local and national life in UK while working for an inclusive, diverse, and peaceful Sudan.

Our values and how we live them

Integrity – we stand up and persevere. Our commitment to Sudan is evidenced by long-term, authentic engagement and action. 

Trust – we’ve built trust by standing and working with, not abandoning, Sudan and its people.

Empowerment – power with. We support and encourage each individual to fulfil their potential.

Neutrality – while we are committed to fighting for universal human rights, we believe there are Sudanese solutions to Sudanese challenges.

Transparency – we are deeply committed to working collaboratively with individuals and organisation, seeking feedback and consultation wherever possible.

Compassion – we are guided by love and held by boundaries. We seek to do all that is possible, and sometimes more, whilst knowing our limits.

Trustee recruitment – who we’re looking for:

Through governance and strategic leadership, the candidate will support the work of Waging Peace. We are seeking 2
Trustees to strengthen and expand the skillset of our existing board. We welcome applications from individuals who have lived experience of the asylum and immigration process, and/or are members of the Sudanese community.

Trustees are collectively responsible for ensuring that the charity is carrying out the purposes for which it is set up, complying with the governing document and the law, utilising its resources responsibly, and meeting statutory
accounting and reporting requirements.

Our new Trustees would ideally have at least 1 of the following:

➢ Fundraising skills, including knowledge and experience of grant writing and the donor landscape;

➢ Media and communication skills, experience creating narratives for organisations and increasing awareness,
to support the amplification of Waging Peace’s voice;

➢ Strong financial skills, experience reviewing and challenging financial statements and planning.
All trustees should have:

➢ Commitment to the mission and values of the charity;

➢ An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties and responsibilities of Trustees;

➢ Understanding of and commitment to equality, diversity, access and inclusion, and a willingness to identify
and challenge biases and behaviour in themselves; and

➢ An ability to work effectively as part of a team, and think creatively and strategically.

Time commitment:

Approximately 4-6 days per year, including 3 Board meetings which can be attended via video
conference. Trustees are then required to commit the time necessary to follow up on agreed action points. In addition,
Waging Peace may organise more structured meetings to discuss specific matters and strategy directly.

Reporting to:

The Chair of the Board of Trustees
Remuneration: The role is not remunerated, but reasonable expenses to undertake the role will be covered.


Trustees will serve a 3-year term to be eligible for re-appointment for additional 3-year term. After a 6-year continuous term a Trustee must remain out of office for at least 1 year.


If you wish to express your interest in this opportunity, please send your CV and a ‘letter of interest’ by email to with ‘Trustee Application’ as the subject, by 12 noon Monday 30 May.

A CV should outline your education, qualifications, and job experience, and a ‘letter of interest’ should outline why you are interested in becoming a Trustee for Waging Peace, and why you think you are suitable for the role, referring to the above information on ‘who we’re looking for’.

If you are uncomfortable or unused to preparing a CV or ‘letter of interest’, we are able to discuss other options, like receiving the same information in a short video or audio file. We may also be able to connect you to neutral and independent volunteers able to talk you through the process of creating these documents.

Please email for further information.

Interviews will take place online between Tuesday 7th to Wednesday 9th of June, and references may be requested.

Successful candidates will be invited to attend a Board meeting from 12 noon to 2.30pm on Thursday 30 June 2022
before finalising their commitment.