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Location: London
Job type: Full-Time
Salary: £21,500


Leigh Day was established in 1987 and has become a highly distinctive law firm who is not afraid to take on challenges that would daunt many others.

The firm’s ethos is to ensure that the ordinary person has just as good quality legal advice as our state bodies, insurers and multi-nationals which has led them to take on many ‘David and Goliath’ legal struggles for justice. Their aim is to remain a niche firm specialising in the more complex aspects of personal injury and human rights law. They are committed to achieving access to justice for all including full, fair compensation by providing first-rate legal advice. Their first priority is always to clearly understand the needs of their clients as every individual’s case has a unique set of circumstances.


Join our Team

Leigh Day’s legal apprenticeship scheme offers an alternative route through training opportunities to qualifying as a solicitor.

There is an underrepresentation of qualified male solicitors of Black-Caribbean and/or African heritage working at Leigh Day and within the wider legal community. For this reason, Leigh Day is offering apprenticeships to enable male individuals from these backgrounds to qualify as a solicitor. Leigh Day believes that this will help to increase the level of participation of black Caribbean and/or African heritage in the solicitors’ profession and help male individuals from these backgrounds to overcome any disadvantages they experience in qualifying.

Because of the extent of the underrepresentation of male black Caribbean and/or African heritage in the solicitors’ profession, Leigh Day has decided to limit access to this scheme to male individuals from these backgrounds. They hope that this will enable those who successfully complete their apprenticeship to be put on an equal footing with others when applying for a role as a qualified solicitor in the future.

Eligibility criteria

Please submit your application and cover letter to us by no later than 23:59 on Friday 4th September if you can satisfy the following criteria:

a) You are a male of Black-Caribbean and/or African heritage;
b) You have achieved 120 UCAS points or more (equivalent to BBB at A-level), or;
c) You have almost achieved 120 UCAS points but your personal circumstances may mean we can be flexible with the criteria. (See explanation below).
d) You have not completed a degree, in any subject; and
e) You are committed to joining Leigh Day as a legal apprentice in January 2021.

More information about the academic criteria

Leigh Day recognises that diverse participation at all levels in the law is at the heart of building an excellent and equitable legal landscape. If the apprenticeship method of learning whilst earning on your route to qualifying as a solicitor sounds appealing to you then by all means you should apply.
Employers have not always recognised the challenging circumstances that many students face whilst pursuing their academic goals; furthermore, often these experiences are discounted when in fact they can be, by their very nature, character building.
We are open to consider and contextualise any unexpected or unfavourable scores together with such background experiences.
Please ensure that you complete the “extenuating circumstances” and “contextual information” sections of the application form, especially if you fall just short of 120 UCAS points, so you can be considered.

  • We accept all qualifications that are accredited to the UCAS tariff
  • We accept equivalent overseas qualifications
  • We welcome applications from those who have started but not yet completed a degree, for any reason.

Solicitor Apprenticeship scheme information

For more details about their solicitor apprenticeship scheme, please download/view their information booklet

Salary progression and benefits
The starting salary for the first two years is £21,500 p.a. and will rise progressively to a level commensurate with a trainee solicitor salary by years 5 and 6.
In addition to 29 days annual leave; here is a full list of benefits.