Sketch - Kitchen Night Cleaner

Location: London
Job Type: Overnight Shifts
Salary: £13/hr


Reporting to:


Back of House Manager, Executive Head Chef and Night Supervisor

Safety shoes, black trousers, blue t shirt, (PPE as necessary) provided by sketch



The key objective is to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and tidiness, according to current health and food hygiene legislation, at all times. You will work as part of a small team under the supervision of the Night Supervisor and Back of House Manager. You will be expected to undertake all general night cleaner’s duties, work to pre-arranged cleaning schedules, and use cleaning equipment and materials effectively. You must be prepared to assist other team members when required, and should be expected to more from area to area as required by business demand.



Main Duties and Responsibilities


▪ Clean the kitchen and back of house as indicated by the Night Supervisor and Back of House Manager
▪ Work in any area of sketch at the discretion of the Back of House Manager/Executive Head Chef as per your weekly rota
▪ Ensure all equipment used is cleaned and stored correctly and safely
▪ Ensure all lights are switched off when you have finished cleaning an area
▪ Use proper chemicals as directed by your Manager orSupervisor
▪ Be aware of and comply with health and safety regulations and requirements
▪ Maintain polite and good communication with your colleagues, Manager and Supervisor
▪ Be able to remain calm and friendly under pressure in a busy environment
▪ Observe health and safety procedures at all times – you have a responsibility to work safely at all times and to report any potential hazards, faults or problems to the Back of House Manager or Cleaning Supervisor
▪ Attend work looking clean and smart and wearing the uniform and any protective clothing that has been required at all times
▪ Attend and complete compulsory training as required
▪ Carry out other duties which naturally fall within the reasonable expectations of the post
▪ To be in the building and clock in 15 minutes before the start of your shift – to be ready to work at your designated station when your shift begins
▪ Allow 10 minutes at the end of your shift to walk around and inspect your area
▪ Be able to problem solve daily, be proactive and take initiative




To work with a cleaning team to ensure that the kitchen and back of house are clean and tidy at all times and that the highest standards set by sketch are consistently upheld.

This will involve:

▪ Ensure that walk-in fridges/edges are clean
▪ Clean drains and grates
▪ Ensure that meat and vegetable walk-in fridges are clean
▪ Clean the oven, hotplates, salamander and microwave thoroughly
▪ Clean the floor and under the fish fridges
▪ Clean floors and side tiles
▪ Clean under work station
▪ Clean work surface and under tab les
▪ Clean ceiling, walls, lights and shelves
▪ Clean the front of sketch and the rubbish room
▪ Follow daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules



Essential Professional Functions and Duties


▪ To work as part of a team demonstrating excellent customer service and to set an example at all times
▪ To provide support where required to ensure the smooth and professional running of the operation in any department


▪ To practice confidentiality and contribute to the success of the business
▪ To be aware of everyone’s contribution to the success of the business
▪ To ensure that every opportunity is taken to increase sales



To be fully aware of the following:

▪ Health and safety policies and procedures
▪ Accident procedures (e.g. first aiders and boxes)
▪ Fire procedures
▪ Appropriate licensing laws


▪ To recognise and report all necessary maintenance
▪ To treat all company property with respect and care
▪ To carry out any other reasonable request from your management team