What is #SONA100?

#Sona100 is an initiative to create 100 new jobs for refugees in major cities. Our aim is to partner with major employers and local government agencies to create new jobs within their organisations for refugees.

Each job pledged will earn the organisation one of the one-hundred squares on the job grid on Sona100.com homepage for the city in which the job is being pledged.

Our objective is to encourage organisations to act in a more socially responsible manner by stepping forward to fight for the rights of human beings by creating jobs for refugees.

How it works


Join our initiative. Complete our pledge form and a member of our team will contact you to complete the next steps.


Sona Circle will match the job roles with the most suitable candidates from our network of refugees.


Following all checks,  you hire a refugee in the knowledge that you have transformed 1 life, 1 family and 1 community.