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Imad's Syrian Kitchen - Waiter / Waitress

Location: London
Job type: Full-Time and Part-Time X 3
Salary:  Competitive


Syrian chef Imad Alarnab, has an amazing story. After opening his first restaurant in Damascus in 2000, he steadily built up a small empire of food and juice bars in the city. But by 2014, as the city became more and more war-torn and dangerous, Imad’s empire was gone. He fled Damascus and his country and crossed Europe to the UK. But he never lost his passion for cooking or cooking for others – while living in Calais, he would regularly cook for 40 or 50 people.

After arriving safely in the UK, Imad found work as a car salesman, but over time, he began to dream of running his own restaurant again. Before long, Imad was running successful pop-up restaurants in London which sold out every single night and received rave reviews, the Guardian described his food as “astonishingly good,” and since then Imad has raised over £200k for Choose Love.

After years of pop-up restaurants, supper clubs and falafel bars, Imad has now found a permanent location in Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street which he is hoping to open this Autumn. In Imad’s own true style, he will continue to fundraise for Choose Love by donating £1 from every bill to the charity.


Job Description

Responsible for serving food and beverages in restaurants efficiently and in a courteous manner. Carry out all duties in accordance with tasks and descriptions with reference to established rules and policies. Perform any other duties as may be assigned by your supervisor.



  • Be well versed with the menu, method of preparation and accompaniments.
  • Clean and polish glassware, chinaware, holloware and flatware.
  • Maintain cleanliness and mise-en-place level at the working station and service pantry for smooth operation.
  • Replenish supply of linen and other operating equipment.
  • Obtain requested items from the storeroom.
  • Keep general appearance and maintenance of restaurant working areas.
  • Follow the correct sequence of service as outlined.
  • Set tables in accordance with restaurant policy.
  • Clean and remove dishes from the table after service is completed.
  • Transport soiled dishes from dining room to kitchen and deposit them in proper placing.
  • Clean all spillage during mealtime and at the close.
  • Maintain excellent grooming standards at all times. Attend all training sessions as scheduled.
  • Establish effective employee relations and maintain the highest level of professionalism, ethics and attitude towards all guests and employees.
  • Resort fire procedures, health and safety policy and security.
  • Short and long term promotions.
  • Company dress code.
  • Resort smoking policy.
  • Rules and management policies.

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