Poems by Refugees

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Some of our readers and followers on Instagram, have sent in some of their poetry inspired by refugees and their own journeys.

The Guilt Trip

The infant soul, pelted stones
To save it’s father from greedy souls.
The father lost at zero cost, made the infant weep.
The infant wept and blamed itself for not pelting enough.
Later, the infant thought of the greedy sloths,
Asking that, why was its father lost at no cost .
The infant lost in the frosty thought
Chose the cost of its fathers loss .
That‟s where the trip of thoughts made him sought
For the cause of its fathers loss.
The warrior grew in the infant soul
Just for the cause of its fathers loss.

-Hatim Merchant


A Different World

I had a dream where all was bright
All darkness gone, to my delight!

And in this dream there was a world, so different, yet so possible.

Where borders were no longer real
We were as one and what a deal!

And in the eyes of a dear child, no signs of sadness from a far exile.

There was instead hope, a future!

Yes, hope indeed it must go on.
Hope for those who’ve chosen a different song, a different world.

For those who’ve chosen
To love , To smile
And greet with kindness every refugee and child

So welcome all to my sweet home, what’s mine is yours,
We are as one!

– Melissa Rossi

A Poem

This is a wave that’s washed ashore
As a wave of people gather round
A wave that’s spreading through the masses
A wave that connects without a sound

Waves that move underwater
In the air and underground
A wave of people who were lost
And displaced that are now found

This is a circle that builds trust
The hope that makes life so profound
A wave that breaks the chains of helplessness
In which millions were once bound

Exposed to all the elements
In a camp on foreign soil
Through the rain, snow and burning sun
One is daily forced to toil

Removed from home, family and society
Into extreme uncertainty we recoil
Due to famine and disasters
And Wars over ideology and oil

And so we choose to create networks
Through the smartphones that we tap
We find information and employment
Through the Sona Circle App

To be part of a society
And regain our sense of identity
In a group that inspires
Peace, progress and unity

– MesYeux


Be Brave

Like a leaf flying,
almost touching the ground
and being stepped on.
Like a candle going out,
we are burning down.

“Am I a shadow
that the sun does not light?”
The world is moving
and nothing is alright.

Dear hearts,
be brave.
It hurts looking in the mirror,
but remember
that courage defines the heroes.

Life is happenning now.
You are not living
the one you deserve,
but I believe something good for you
is reserved.

You need help getting out.
My question is “how”.
The windows do not open,
you need somebody now.

My arms are open.
And always will be.
Even when the moon
is the only light you see.

– Ana Rita

You have a name

“There is a place in the ocean where two seas meet, with currents so different that it creates a tide though there be no shore.

Let our love confound such waters. Let the differences between us melt into nothing and merge so that all remains is us, body to body. Skin that’s the same, hearts that follow the same repetitive thud thud thud.

I am you and you are surely my image too.”

– Laura Thompson


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