Dangerous Tides: Brexit And Sea Crossing Migration

Reading Time: 3 minutes By Shere Hussain, Sona Circle Over the past year, the UK has delt with coronavirus and Brexit, two seismic events that have changed the way we live and govern ourselves. One thing that has not changed, however, is the attempts by refugees to cross the English Channel to seek asylum in the UK. Refugees are […]

6 Ways to Convince your Employer to Hire Refugees

Reading Time: 2 minutes     By Katy Cottrell, Sona Circle If you feel passionately about workplace equality and the social integration of refugees, addressing a lack of diversity in your own workspace is a great place to start. But having these types of conversations with your employers can be difficult, which is why we have created a list […]

Refugees and Mental Health: The Hidden Pandemic and the Value of Kindness

Reading Time: 3 minutes   By Agnese Pierobon, Sona Circle I remember a couple of weeks after my move to a new country, I was walking around, trying my best not to get lost in a city unknown to me, when out of the blue, I heard a friendly voice. I turned and saw a refugee from the camp […]