Fighting for Change: Yeraldine Cabrera

Reading Time: < 1 minute Written by James Patricks, Sona Circle 10/06/22 Stories about love against adversity are popular and prevalent in all cultures because they tell us that with perseverance love can conquer all. A fitting message this pride month and one that it embodied in Yeraldine Cabrera. Yeraldine came out in her late 30s having already had two […]

Fighting for Change: Edafe Okporo

Reading Time: 2 minutes Written by James Patricks, Sona Circle 08/06/22   Edafe Okporo is a Nigerian refugee living in the United States. He came to the USA in 2013 having previously lived fairly comfortably in a Nigerian gay community. However vigilante violence broke out against LGBTQI people in Nigeria and he was beaten in the streets. Edafe decided […]

‘Fairness’? A response to the UK Government’s Rwanda asylum plan

Reading Time: 4 minutes Written by Hannah Munday, Sona Circle 04/05/22   Fairness, defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary, is “the quality of treating people equally or in a way that is right or reasonable.” According to the Oxford equivalent, it was archaically used to denote ‘gentleness; kindness’, ‘sometimes contrasted with foulness’. Fairness, was also the word chosen by UK […]

Words for Welcome Refugee Poem

Words for Welcome Refugee Poem

Reading Time: 2 minutes     World Refugee Day takes place on the 20th of June every year. Leading up to this special day, Words for Welcome established a campaign #RefugeeVoice #IAmListening, where one refugee story was shared every day. To conclude this campaign, the team launched the Creatives Competition, which encouraged students globally to write, using these stories […]

Our Sangha: Mindfulness in Life and in Business

Our Sangha

Reading Time: 4 minutes     By Katie McAdam, Sona Circle After gaining a well-regarded role as an analyst at J.P Morgan, Amr Sabbah seemed to have it all. With a proud family, a secure income and a successful career, Sabbah was satisfied with his life.  Following his first year at the global finance giant, Sabbah’s initial contentment faded […]

An Insight to the Italian Migration and Asylum System

The Italian Migration and Asylum System

Reading Time: 3 minutes     Agnese Pierobon, Sona Circle As the COVID-19 pandemic has destroyed lives, economies and health systems across the world, many communities have experienced disruption. One annual event occurring each summer in Italy which has seen no change over the years; the arrival of migrants in the southern shores of the country. This summer, however, […]

Refugees & COVID-19: Why the Ability to Self-Isolate is a Luxury

Reading Time: 2 minutes     By Aanya Bhandari, Sona Circle In an appallingly short span of time, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a calamitous global effect, touching nearly every country and territory. As is the case with any catastrophic event, certain groups are left more vulnerable than others. One such group in this instance is refugees. Refugees face […]