Could refugees help solve the problem of ageing populations?

Reading Time: 2 minutes By Katy Cottrell, Sona Circle Many countries today are experiencing an ageing population, where the number of over 65’s is increasing faster than any other age group in the population. Japan, Italy and Finland currently have the most aged populations, but the UK is not far behind. In the UK over 12 million people are […]

Sona Circle Recruitment Helping Refugees find Jobs and Employment Opportunities

Reading Time: 2 minutes     Aanya Bhandari, Sona Circle With the refugee unemployment rate (pre-COVID) at 18%, more than four times that of the UK average, refugee recruitment remains a key social and economic issue for over 150,000 refugees in the UK.  In attempting to enter the labour market, refugees are faced with several barriers, both social and […]

5 Tips for Refugees on How to Write a Resume

Reading Time: 4 minutes     By Carol Duke, Contributor There are many reasons people around the world seek to build a new life in a different country. For refugees, this can mean leaving their home country entirely. Once you settle in and rebuild your life, it’s time to seek a new job. Of course, what better way to […]