Lift the Ban: A Closer Look

Reading Time: 2 minutes By James Patricks 27/06/2022   Say you’re the Prime Minister. You’re currently overseeing one of the worst economic downturns in recent memory, and across the country we’re experiencing staffing shortages leading to £21 billion loss in the hospitality sector.   Well, there could be a solution to both issues. There are currently 100,000 people in […]

The Rwanda Plan: Intentional chaos and cruelty.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Written by James Patricks, Sona Circle 17/06/22   It’s no coincidence that the Prime Minister’s ethics advisor resigned just a day after a flight taking refugees to Rwanda was set to chart by Privilege Style airlines, an ironic name given the circumstances.   The Rwanda flight was thankfully grounded after each detainee launched legal disputes […]

Don’t fall for the Government’s lies this Pride Month

Reading Time: 2 minutes Written by James Patricks, Sona Circle 06/06/22   Every June it’s the same. The same companies post their same slogans. One multinational corporation will make a big gaff which everyone will laugh at. However, it’s easy to forget how the same wet platitudes are made by our own Government. The official 10 Downing Street has […]