Accommodation Solutions for Asylum Seekers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Written by James Patricks 20/07/2022 What kind of accommodation does the UK provide for asylum seekers and how do we improve their conditions? I’ve seen people online claiming that we’re soft on asylum seekers in the UK claiming that we give them free hotels to stay in and I was surprised to look it up […]

Our Government is failing the people of Ukraine

Reading Time: 3 minutes Written by James Patricks, Sona Circle 01/06/22   14 million people are said to have fled their homes since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. Many governments across Europe have stepped up and taken in refugees in their millions. Poland has been an incredible example to the rest of the world, taking […]

Journey of a Ukrainian Refugee

Reading Time: 3 minutes Written by Hannah Munday, Sona Circle 26/04/22   “It’s 3am,” the car radio announces. You try half-awake to follow the headlines, but hear only blurred clamour, punctuated by words that have peppered the past days like a perpetual barrage of bullets: “… Russia … troops … bombed … wounded … dead …” You switch it […]

Standing with Ukraine: How the crisis challenges our response to all refugees

Reading Time: 3 minutes Written by Hannah Munday As smoke ascends from the streets of Ukraine, blitzed by Russian bombs in an unprovoked attack, thousands of civilians have been forced to seek sanctuary beyond their national borders. While some crawl out of Kyiv in endless queues of cars, others walk through the night to reach their neighbouring states. Many […]