Introducing our Equality Ambassador – Leen Clive

Reading Time: < 1 minute     Leen Clive, a former refugee and British doctor of Syrian Arab origin, is a candidate for the Miss World title, and now she is an Equality Ambassador for Britain, the specialist in surgery is her passion to pursue her academic dream and specialization in the field of medicine. In a special statement with […]

In conversation with Choose Love/ Help Refugees (Josie Naughton, Co-Founder)

Reading Time: 4 minutes     Katy Cottrell, Sona Circle  Help Refugees/Choose Love began in 2015 as a response to the refugee crisis during which 1 million people arrived in Europe, fleeing conflict and persecution. I spoke to one of Help Refugees founders, Josie Naughton, about how this NGO began, and some of the challenges they’ve faced since. Help […]

5 Internal Communications Methods for Start-Ups

5 Internal Communications Methods for Start-Ups

Reading Time: 2 minutes     By Michael Brennan (, Contributor  Are you a start-up company that’s developing your internal communications? Maybe you are a growing SME or established business that recognises internal communications could be improved. Identifying the issue is the easy part. It’s finding solutions that’s challenging, right? If this sounds like you, then this blog post […]

Sona Circle Recruitment Helping Refugees find Jobs and Employment Opportunities

Reading Time: 2 minutes     Aanya Bhandari, Sona Circle With the refugee unemployment rate (pre-COVID) at 18%, more than four times that of the UK average, refugee recruitment remains a key social and economic issue for over 150,000 refugees in the UK.  In attempting to enter the labour market, refugees are faced with several barriers, both social and […]

Meet Me at Fatma’s: An Inspirational Story of Refugees in Entrepreneurship

Reading Time: 2 minutes     By Katy Cottrell, Sona Circle Meet Me at Fatma’s is a series of pop-up brunch shops which serve delicious food inspired by traditional Yemeni cuisine. The founder of this business, Fatma Al-Baiti says that each dish is served with its own twist and has been inspired by ‘a certain tradition practised in our […]

In Conversation with Lord Alf Dubs about Refugees in the UK

Lord Dubs

Reading Time: 3 minutes     By Katie McAdam, Sona Circle Two terms in the House of Commons, seven years as Refugee Council director, and a life peerage in the House of Lords; Lord Dubs’ impressive CV makes him one of the UK’s most prominent refugee campaigners.  For Lord Dubs protecting refugee rights have always been at the centre of […]

#EqualTees by Sona Circle

Equal Tees

Reading Time: 3 minutes     By Katy Cottrell, Sona Circle As coronavirus swept across the UK many business sectors were hit extremely hard. The resulting increase in unemployment has been felt across the country, and especially in major cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham. One group of individuals that has felt the impact the most has been refugees […]

Refugee Access to Technology During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Reading Time: 3 minutes     By Katy Cottrell, Sona Circle During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have felt grateful for the digital world which has helped us stay in touch with loved ones, informed with important information and constantly entertained. However, recent research from Breaking Barriers has highlighted the discrepancy in digital access between refugees living in […]

5 Tips for Refugees on How to Write a Resume

Reading Time: 4 minutes     By Carol Duke, Contributor There are many reasons people around the world seek to build a new life in a different country. For refugees, this can mean leaving their home country entirely. Once you settle in and rebuild your life, it’s time to seek a new job. Of course, what better way to […]